General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1. General Terms and Conditions: these general terms and conditions of Supercar Society;
1.2. Imagery: photo’s, video’s and other imagery;
1.3. Customer: the person with whom Supercar Society has entered into an agreement;
1.4. Event: every activity hosted by Supercar Society;
1.5. Agreement: the distance agreement between parties regarding an event;
1.6. Parties: Supercar Society and customer together;
1.7. Supercar Society : Supercar Society V.O.F. established in Enschede , Chamber of Commerce no. 74375296;
1.8. Vehicle: a vehicle registered by a participant for the event and / or driven by the participant during the event;
1.9. Website: the website that is connected to the domain name

2. Applicability

2.1. These terms and conditions will apply to all quotations, offers, activities, orders, agreements and deliveries of services or products by or on behalf of Supercar Society.
2.2. Parties can only deviate from these conditions if they have explicitly agreed upon in writing.
2.3. Supercar Society has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

3. Offer

3.1. All offers relating to events of Supercar Society are without obligation.
3.2. Supercar Society cannot be held to offers if they contain a mistake, typo or printing error.
3.3. All prices used by Supercar Society are in euros, are exclusive of VAT unless expressly stated otherwise or agreed otherwise.

4. Registration and agreement

4.1. The participant can register on the website for the event in question and thereby accept the offer. The participant must provide the specified information completely and correctly.
4.2. The participant must have reached the age of 18 at the time of registration.
4.3. The participant declares that all data that the participant has submitted to Supercar Society is correct and complete and that it is entered truthfully. The participant undertakes, if necessary, to communicate changes to the data to Supercar Society so that the participant guarantees that the data is correct, complete and true. Supercar Society is not responsible for starting an investigation into the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the participant.
4.4. Supercar Society is entitled to reject the registration without giving a reason.
4.5. After approval of the registration, the agreement is concluded on the day that Supercar Society sends a confirmation of registration to the participant.

5. Right of withdrawal participant

5.1. The participant can cancel the agreement with Supercar Society during a cooling-off period of 14 days, without giving a reason.
5.2. The cooling-off period of 14 days described in point 5.1 starts from the moment that Supercar Society has accepted the registration of the participant by means of a confirmation and the agreement between the parties has therefore been concluded.
5.3. When cancellation is requested from the participant, Supercar Society is obliged to refund the paid
transaction to the participant within 14 days.

6. Organization

6.1. Supercar Society has the right to fully or partially transfer or outsource the execution of the agreement to
(a) third party(s) at its own discretion.
6.2. Supercar Society is entitled to make changes to the schedule of an event without prior notice.

7. Legislation, regulations and insurance

7.1. The participant always adheres to all local laws and regulations.
7.2. The participant explicitly gives Supercar Society permission to provide the participant’s personal
information to third parties if this is necessary for the implementation of the agreement.
7.3. The participant must be fully authorized to drive during the event and is obliged to carry a valid vehicle
7.4. The participant is obliged to properly insure the vehicle and itself. A proper insurance policy means in any
case: a. Statutory liability insurance; b. insurance with regard to personal injury and / or death; c. health
insurance; d. insurance with regard to damage to property. The participant must carry the insurance papers
for the aforementioned insurance during the event.

8. Participant’s codes of conduct

8.1. The participant is obliged at all times to follow instructions and/or instructions given by Supercar Society.
8.2. The participant must monitor the safety of others and himself during the event. As soon as the driving
capacity of the participant decreases, the participant may not drive any vehicle during the event.
8.3. The participant is not allowed to take (hard) drugs, alcoholic beverages, fireworks, (fire) weapons or other
dangerous objects with him or to carry them during the event. The participant is also not allowed to drive a
vehicle during the event under the influence of (hard) drugs or other drugs and/or alcoholic beverages.
8.4. Participants are not allowed to compete with each other during the event, for example with regard to
8.5. The participant is not permitted to place bets in any form with other participants or visitors.

9. Sponsors and stickers

9.1. The participant is not allowed to advertise for other events, companies and/or products, without prior
written permission from Supercar Society. If this permission is missing, Supercar Society is authorized to
remove the participant from the event without being entitled to a refund of the already paid compensation
to Supercar Society.
9.2. The participant gives Supercar Society permission to place stickers on his vehicle.
9.3. Supercar Society cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur during the application and / or
removal of the stickers.

10. Imagery event

10.1. Supercar Society will produce images of (parts of) the event and the participant.
10.2. The participant agrees to Supercar Society that imagery of (parts of) the participant will be made public on
the website and other social media. The participant can only submit a written request to adjust the visual
material so that (parts of) the participant are made unrecognizable.
10.3. The participant is only entitled to produce visual material for personal and non-commercial use, unless
written permission has been given by Supercar Society.

11. Participant’s risk

11.1. During the event, the participant bears the risk for lost, stolen and/or damaged goods or vehicles, as well
as accidents, injuries and/or other calamities.
11.2. The participant is responsible for the items that he carries during the event or for the items that are in the
vehicle. The participant bears the risk for the consequences of carrying the relevant items.

12. Refusal to participate

12.1. If the participant violates an article from these terms and conditions, Supercar Society is entitled to remove
the participant from the event without being entitled to a refund of the already paid compensation to
Supercar Society. The participant fully bears the risk for (possible) damage that results from violating an
article from these terms and conditions. The participant relieves Supercar Society for the damage and
Supercar Society is entitled to invoice the damage caused to the participant.

13. Booking conditions and cancellation

13.1. A standard deposit of 15% of the total principal sum of the event is required to finalize the registration.
13.2. The participant must notify Supercar Society in writing of the cancellation.
13.3. If the agreement is canceled by the participant, Supercar Society will charge the following cancellation

      • Up to 60 days before departure or start: 15% of the total principal.
      • From 60 to 30 days before departure or start: 50% of the total principal.
      • From 30 to 15 days before departure or start: 75% of the total principal.
      • From 15 days before departure until the day of departure or start: 100% of the total principal.

13.4. If data provided by the participant turns out to be incorrect, and costs arise from this, these costs will be
invoiced to the participant.
13.5. The participant is never entitled to a refund of the amount due.

14. Payment

14.1. After the agreement has been concluded, the participant will receive an e-mail containing a (partial) invoice
with regard to the event for which the participant has registered. When a partial invoice is sent and the
participant has paid this, the final invoice will be sent.
14.2. The participant must pay the amount due to Supercar Society at the latest within the period stated on the
14.3. If the participant has not paid the amount due within the agreed payment period, Supercar Society informs
the participant and the participant must pay the outstanding amount within fourteen (14) days after the
payment reminder. If costs are incurred by Supercar Society to collect the amount due, these costs will be
charged in full to the participant.

15. Liability

15.1. Supercar Society does not accept liability for any damage, unless this is explicitly stated in this article. The
limitation of liability does not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence of Supercar Society
and / or its subordinate (s).
15.2. Supercar Society is not liable in the event of force majeure. Supercar Society is not obliged to fulfill any
obligation towards the participant if he is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is not
due to fault, and is not for the account of the law, legal act or generally accepted views.
15.3. If Supercar Society is liable, its liability is limited to the amount paid by a closed (professional) liability
insurance and in the absence of (full) payment by an insurance company of the damages the amount of
the liability is limited to the (part of the) invoice to which the liability relates.
15.4. Participants attend an event entirely at their own risk.
15.5. Supercar Society is not liable for: a. Damage as a result of the loss, damage or theft of an item belonging
to the event; b. damage of the participant caused by another participant or visitor to the event; c. personal
injury – including accidents, injuries and / or other calamities – of the participant as a result of attending the
event; d. damage that the participant may suffer as a result of the fact that the participant has not provided
the correct information to Supercar Society.
15.6. If a participant is denied access to a country or city, Supercar Society is not responsible and liable for the
resulting costs and damage.

16. Final provisions

16.1. If, for whatever reason, it appears that one of the aforementioned points turns out not to be legal or
enforceable, this means that all other aforementioned points fully retain their validity and therefore remain
enforceable. The parties already agree to replace an invalid point with a valid point that most closely
approximates the final intention of the aforementioned statement.
16.2. Any disputes between the participant and Supercar Society can only be submitted to the competent Dutch
court of the Overijssel district. These general terms and conditions and the underlying contractual value will
only be determined by the applicable Dutch laws and possibly be tried under Dutch law if this is the case.