CoviDrive June 1st


About the event

During this Covid-19 period we are all waiting to get out and have fun again!

We from Supercar Society are therefore organizing an event, where we will adhere to the requirements set by the government and the RIVM.

We would like to invite you to come and drive with us on June 1st.

The starting location of the tour will be somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. The exact starting location will be announced one day before the start, to the participants only.

From there we will be taking a tour of about five to five and an half hours of driving with a stop of one hour in between. We have set up an amazing tour that will lead you along beautiful roads as you are used to from us.

Our events are focused on driving on the most beautiful roads, avoiding highways when possible, to enjoy driving at its best.

As for all our tours, a road book will be given to everyone, except this time it will be a digital road book in PDF format.

Because it’s not possible to make reservations at a restaurant with the group during this Covid-19 period, locations will be tipped in the road book where you can buy something to eat and drink on your own.

In addition, we would like to ask each and every one of you to use your common sense when choosing a location to buy some food, and keep the requested distance with each other at all times!

Because this will be a special tour without the usual included lunch stops etc. we will not charge a fixed amount. This event is based on a voluntary contribution, which will be highly appreciated!

Central Netherlands

June 1st 2020

10:00 – 18:00